Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Show at the 7 Roasters Cafe

Nayan and I hung my show at the 7 Roasters Cafe on the first of the month. I was quite happy with how well and quickly the hanging went. Nayan, my 5 year old son, is such a great little helper. When you're balancing with a 20 pound painting on 1 foot on top of a couch, its great to have little hands hand you the hammer or a much needed nail. Unfortunately, I forgot to shoot photos of the show, but I've included some images of my newer paintings here. If you're interested in checking out the work, it will be hanging until the end of the month; 7 Roasters is located at: 153 N 78th St Seattle, WA 98127.

Studio in Orange and Blue - Acrylic on wood - 12" x 12"

Leaning Flower in Red - Acrylic on Wood - 12" x 12"

The Backyard Swing - Acrylic on Wood - 12" x 12"

Studio in Rough Orange - Acrylic on Wood - 12" x 12"
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