Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving on to Canvas

Things move at a very gingerly pace these days. Perhaps its the heat. Perhaps its the temporal haze after 4 and a half months of traveling. In any event, we managed to secure a table to paint on after only 5 weeks. Well it is not actually a table, technically we are painting on a bed, but it is wooden, large enough to hold a good sized canvas, and it came for a decent price.

The 5 weeks were well spent. I got to learn how to read and write Punjabi. These words in blue are my first free flowing stream of conscience style writing in Punjabi.

Yes its true, I haven't been to a barber in 9 months, nor have I shaved since December. Its also true that I paint outside, in India, in the peak of summer. Though mostly in the early morning, and late evening, when the sun hasn't yet hit our 3rd floor veranda.

I really love that hot pink India ink. I swing by Munshi Ram, the best art store in Chandigarh, about once a night asking for another bottle of pink. Every night the woman kindly informs me that it is not pink, but red. I smile, convinced that I have enough, and will not be back tomorrow.

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